Keeping your carpet in pristine condition may seem like a tireless job, especially if you have children or pets who may contribute to constant spills and stains on it! There are some common carpet cleaning mistakes that people often make that can be easily avoided – and ultimately, save you time.  

Here are 5 top carpet cleaning mistakes and how to help rectify them.  

1. Not Getting a Professional Clean 

Know when it is time to call in the professionals. If you want to maintain the condition of your carpet and get rid of stains, then consider a carpet cleaning company.  

While renting the appropriate equipment might work well, a cleaning company has the unique knowledge of the right techniques and machinery to use on your carpet type. Allow the professionals to do their job and prevent possible damage to your carpet. 

2. Not Dealing With Stains Fast Enough 

Stains and spillages are inevitable in day-to-day life. However, how quickly you deal with the situation can be the difference between staining the carpet and not. If a spill does occur, then try to avoid it soaking into the fabric by blotting gently.  

It is important that you take care with drinks because if they get absorbed, they can cause bad smells or even mould in some cases. 

3. Using the Wrong Product or Too Much Product 

Not all carpet cleaning products will be right for your carpet. For example, synthetic fibre carpets can be damaged from acid in some cleaning products. Opting for more gentle products will be the safer option.  

Additionally, too little or too much of cleaning solutions can be harmful if used incorrectly. Because of the chemicals in these products, they can be abrasive and lead to permanent colour fading or changing.  

Make sure to read the instructions thoroughly before use, and if you’re unsure then seek a professional’s help.  

4. Over Scrubbing  

One of the most common carpet cleaning mistakes is scrubbing aggressively when a stain occurs. All this will do is potentially damage the carpet fibres and push the stain deeper. Blotting the affected area gently will work much more effectively and avoid any ruin.  

5. Not Hoovering First 

It might be natural instinct to start scrubbing a stain immediately or use carpet spray perhaps. However, hoovering up any added debris or dust beforehand will mean dirt is less likely to be rubbed into the stain and making it worse.  

These top tips should help you know what to avoid when it comes to carpet cleaning. Keeping your carpet spick and span shouldn’t be a tedious job, and knowing when to lean on professionals is key.  

A clean carpet makes a happier home and a more hygienic living space for everyone.  

At Pinpoint Homes we provide expert carpet cleaning services that will make your home feel brand new. Get in touch with us today to discuss your requirements.  

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