Virtual tours and property showings have significantly increased since last year, so much so that if it is not presented as part of a listing or even as an option, it could be detrimental for viewing interest.

When it comes to filming a virtual tour, it is vital that your property looks the part. We have collated a checklist to help you prepare and make sure your property looks the best it can.

Things to Remember Before Filming a Virtual Property Tour

Clean, Clean, Clean

Even though viewers won’t be able to get as up close and personal as they would in an in-person viewing, you still need to clean the entire property. Try your best to make all your surfaces gleam and shine, paying close attention to detail by removing all signs of grime and even streaks and finger marks. Don’t forget about your windows too, it’ll make all the difference!

Declutter & Tidy Everywhere

Walk around your property and any clutter that immediately draws your eye, get rid of it. Toys, overflowing kitchen countertops, bursting bookshelves, anything that you think might make your space look untidy, temporarily remove it from the property. Even if you feel like there is too much furniture hogging the space, remove a chair to open it up a bit more.

This also includes inside your cupboards and closets! Buyers will want to see all the storage space available, so leave every cabinet open so they can see everything. The rule here is to not remove everything but cut your stored items down. Remove half of your clothes from your wardrobe and half of the linens and towels in your airing cupboard. Don’t stack your tinned goods and cram in your dry goods, take things out and make it look cleaner and tidier.

Create a Clear Path to Walk

Similar to the above, make sure that there is no clutter on the floor that risks any trip ups or awkward dodging. Also, in addition to a clear path, you need to ensure it is as straightforward as possible. If there is too much bobbing, weaving and wavering about, the viewers will get distracted and you will lose their attention. Open all the doors ready for entrance and walk the route a few times before filming so you can walk it confidently.

Invite as Much Light as Possible

First of all, make sure all the curtains and the blinds are drawn to let all the natural light in. Test your camera first to see if you need more light after this as the weather can impact how light your space looks. If you need more, turn on as many lights as you need to, whether it’s the main lights, lamps or both. However, make sure the light is consistent throughout the entire property. Lighting can make or break virtual tours, so pay attention!

Preparation for Virtual Tours from Pinpoint Homes

It’s safe to say that the camera is less forgiving than the human eye, so it is important to remember all of these factors when filming a virtual property tour.

If you need help getting your property spic and span for a virtual tour, look no further. Pinpoint Homes provide a range of top-quality cleaning services suitable for any property. Contact us today for more information.

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