It can be agreed that dust is one of the most frustrating cleaning issues that accumulates relentlessly. Dust in every corner and crevice, and you can be sure you’ll see the dust covering the surface the next day! Not only this, but if you’re someone who deals with allergies, dust can antagonise them. If you’re wondering how to prevent dust in your household, then read on. 

Regular Cleaning  

One of the best ways to reduce dust in your home is to regularly clean the house. By hoovering, wiping surfaces, and regularly washing your bedding, dust is less likely to settle and therefore accumulate. Having a regular routine will ensure you don’t have a build-up of dust. 

Microfibre Cloths 

When removing dust off surfaces, using a microfibre cloth is one of the best tools. The microfibre helps to remove the tiny dust particles without the need for any cleaning product. The fibres work to create a static charge that attracts the dust, so it is easily picked up.  


Ensuring your living space is properly ventilated is important, as it allows fresh air to circulate. Good ventilation can reduce the build-up of dust and also the presence of allergens and pollutants, which is important for the health of those living in your home.  


This suggestion may seem minimal but don’t overlook it! Cluttered spaces are a magnet for dust which can be easily resolved. Aim to keep areas, especially smaller spaces, clutter free so you have less chance of dust settling.  

Dust is inevitable, no matter how clean and tidy you keep your home. However, by implementing these small suggestions, this is how to prevent dust, keeping it at bay and reducing the risk of it accumulating too much.  

If your home needs a little refresh, Pinpoint Homes offers several cleaning services, from a deep clean to carpet cleaning. For more information, contact us today and our friendly team will be happy to help. 

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