No matter how long you have been a landlord, no matter how many tenants or properties you have, there are number of things to do to prepare for a new tenant.

Have no fear though! We have created the perfect guide so you can make sure you get everything done that’s needed. 

Tips for New Tenant Preparation

Lick of Paint

Not always necessary, but a lick of paint can do the world of wonders for your property. A little refresh to the space can make it feel brand-new and even more inviting to the new tenant. Also, this lets them know that you like to look after the place which can help things start off positively.

Landlord Insurance

You may already have it but, if you don’t or this is your first time letting, it is a good idea to think about landlord insurance. Although not a legal requirement, it helps secure buildings and contents cover, loss of rent cover and landlord’s liability, so you can gain peace of mind.

Fixer Upper

If any reparations are noted in the inventory check-out, it is always the best idea to get them sorted before new tenants move in. Damages need to be fixed and health concerns, like mould, need to be identified and dealt with as soon as possible. 

Ways a Landlord Can Prepare for a New Tenant - Paint - Pinpoint Homes
Ways a Landlord Can Prepare for a New Tenant - Utilities - Pinpoint Homes

Utilities Operation

Make sure you take a once over on the essential utilities that are required for daily life: electricity, plumbing and heating need to all be working properly. If the plumbing is clogged or some sockets aren’t working, sort them out immediately. Also, a great tip is to leave instructions for how each appliance works and other important information that might be needed, like security codes, where to find stopcocks, meters, etc.

Other Things to Be Aware of:

  • Redirect previous tenants’ mail
  • If organising utility bills, transfer into the name of the new tenant and arrange for council tax to be paid by them
  • Copy the house keys so each tenant has a set and check they work properly
  • Provide emergency contact numbers and written explanations of how to deal with an emergency in the property

Pinpoint Homes Move Box

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