It’s December which means the festive season is fully upon us and Christmas is just around the corner. Have you decorated your home yet? Christmas decorations always bring a little joy and sparkle to our properties this time of yet, so here is a room-by-room guide full of ideas and inspiration for you.

A Guide to Christmas Home Decorations

Create a Living Room Winter Wonderland

As the main hub of the home, the living room can be created into a cosy, festive haven and wonderful winter wonderland with just a few touches. It’s important to not go too overboard with decorations here as this is the place you spend the most time chilling out in.

Depending on your current colour scheme of your living room, either match your decorations with that or keep it neutral with a couple of splashes of Christmas colours. Garlands are a great way to decorate your windowsills, shelves or mantelpieces and there are many different varieties you can choose from – get creative or stick to the traditional.

How the Pros Decorate a Christmas Tree

Of course, your Christmas tree will be the main focus point in your living room. So, here’s a guide on how to get a professional finish for yours this year.

  1. Make Your Tree Fluffier & Fuller

There’s nothing worse than a sparse looking tree, so make sure you take the time to fluff out the branches on your tree before you start decorating. Separate and fan out each branch and bend individual branches, if necessary, to fill any gaps. This will leave your tree looking fresh and full!

  1. Have You Chosen a Theme?

Before you go out and buy new Christmas tree decorations, it’s important to have a theme in mind and purchase accordingly. Instead of mismatching your ornaments, tinsel and lights, create a cohesive colour scheme for your tree to achieve ultimate elegance.

  1. Lights Always Go On First

If you don’t have a tree that is already lit, you will have to put your Christmas tree lights on first. Use the plug or battery pack as a starting point, wrapping the lights around the tree trunk/base and work your way up the middle. On the way back down, arrange the lights nearer the ends of the branches to spread them out.

  1. Balancing the Décor is Key

No matter what sort of decorations you end up purchasing for your tree, you should try and strike the right balance when arranging them. They need to be spread out evenly and not clustered together.

By following a ‘Z’ shape as a guide when placing them on the tree, you will be able to accomplish this. Remember to hang larger bauble closer to the centre of the tree and smaller ones towards the end of branches. Also, more delicate ornaments should be hung towards the top of the tree to avoid any damage.

  1. Choosing the Right Tree Topper

Your tree topper should follow the theme you have chosen for your decorations, fit the proportion of your tree, and one that fits correctly in the room too. It also needs to be eye-catching and not necessarily a traditional topper, such as a star or an angel.

  1. A Tree Skirt to Finish

The finishing touch is a tree skirt; with the difference it can make to the overall look of your tree, make sure you don’t forget it! As well as this, it will protect your floors, catch any pine needles from a real tree, and provide the perfect backdrop to the piles of presents around the tree.

Festive Bedroom Bits to Brighten the Space

In addition to your living room being a space to chill and wind down, your bedroom is obviously where you rest for the night. So, it’s important not to overwhelm this room and decorate with just a few touches to continue the festivity.

Christmas scented candles are the perfect way to add merry cheer into this room along with creating a relaxing atmosphere. Another idea is to change your bedding for a more festive print and swap out any other soft furnishings for Christmassy alternatives.

Your Kitchen & Dining Room Christmas Set Up

Your kitchen and dining room aren’t just for cooking and eating, they are social areas of your home and shouldn’t be forgotten when it comes to decorating. Décor for your kitchen can be simplistic, such as a wreath hung on a cupboard door or some twinkly lights around a window.

Your dining room table is where you can get really creative and make sure it’s a memorable day for all your guests. Lay a festive tablecloth or runner and use candles, ribbon, Christmas sprigs, and other trinkets to decorate to your liking. Make sure there’s room left to eat though!

Merry Christmas from Pinpoint Homes

Christmas is such a wonderful time of year, bringing family and friends together to celebrate and have fun. Would you like a deep clean of your property before you start decorating and have guests round? We know how busy this time of year gets, so Pinpoint Homes are more than happy to help! Browse our cleaning services today or get in touch with us directly to discuss your requirements.

Merry Christmas from the whole Pinpoint Homes team and a Happy New Year!

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