The Tenancy Deposit Scheme’s most contested issue in disputes raised by landlords and tenants from 2018/19 – 2020/21 was cleaning, so it’s vital that you leave your property in the best condition to avoid deductions to your security deposit.

Our ultimate moving out cleaning checklist will make sure you don’t forget a thing so you can delight your former landlord with the pristine property you’re leaving behind you.

Setting a schedule with deadlines for each area of the home to be completed by can make the task a lot more manageable and help you stay on-track for your final move out date.

It’s also a good idea to target one select area at a time in a methodical order, for example, spare rooms or guest bathrooms should be packed up and cleaned before bathrooms or kitchens as this is less likely to impact your daily routine.

Room By Room Moving Out Cleaning

Entire House

  • Patch up and paint over any holes or damage to walls created during your tenancy
  • Scrub any marks or stains on the walls and paint over any that can’t be removed without further damage to the surface
  • Sweep, vacuum and mop all floors or steam clean where possible
  • Clean windows of fingerprints, marks or oily stains and dust windowsills
  • Wipe down all doorknobs and doors
  • Remove any nails, pins, screws or tacks from walls
  • Dust plug sockets, skirting boards, door frames and light switches
  • Dust all light fittings and lampshades


  • Dust away any cobwebs
  • Wipe down and polish all furniture such as wardrobes, shelves, dressing tables, etc.
  • Vacuum any mattresses that are going to be left with the property
  • Remove dust from skirting boards and picture rails
  • Vacuum clean dust from curtains and blinds
  • Polish all mirrors, picture frames and other wall hangings


  • Thoroughly clean the inside and outside of all kitchen appliances
  • Clean the gaps in between larger appliances like washing machines and tumble dryers where possible
  • Deep clean the inside and outside of the oven, including the hob and control knobs
  • Make sure all cabinets and draws are empty and disinfected
  • Remove all food from fridges and freezers before wiping them down (including the rubber seal) and defrosting
  • Wipe down all countertops
  • Degrease and polish wall tiles
  • Clean the microwave inside and out
  • Sanitise the bins
  • Degrease fans and extractor units


  • Clean sinks, taps and other fittings
  • Remove any limescale or hardwater stains that may have accumulated
  • Polish any metal fittings such as towel rails or radiators
  • Bleach and scrub toilet bowls and bidets
  • Clean and polish glass such as shower screens and mirrors
  • Scrub the bath clean of any marks or mildew
  • Disinfect shower curtains
  • Descale showerheads and bath fittings
  • Wipe down all bathroom tiles
  • Clean extractor fans
  • Scrub away any mould growing in the grout between tiles

Moving Out Cleaning from Pinpoint Homes

For many, hiring a professional cleaning service to carry out your end of tenancy clean is a much more efficient option and guarantees a top-quality finish.

Get in touch with us today to discuss how we can help with your end of tenancy clean.

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