Keeping your home clean and tidy is human instinct, however, this may be true for the interior, but what about cleaning the exterior and the surroundings? That’s probably the last thing that comes to mind!

To help you keep on top of it all, here are some tips and reminders on what you need to clean outside your home.

Things to Remember When Cleaning Your Home Exterior

Every Edge of Every Window

Some of you may be lucky enough to have a window cleaner, but those that don’t, listen to our great tips! It’s all well and good keeping the interior glass clean and sparkling, but what about the exterior? Warm water with soap is the best cleaning product you can tackle your outside windows with, whether it’s handwashing or using a special hose or pressure washer.

Always remember to hand dry the glass to avoid streaks and try to work in the shade where you can to stop them from air drying quickly. Remove as much debris as you can from the window frame, including the underneath the windowsill, and wash every inch the same way you would the windows.

Don’t Forget Your Doors

Front doors, back doors, patio doors and your garage door, there are so many doors that come into human contact nearly every day, so they definitely need to be cleaned. Obviously, it depends on the material of these doors on how you should clean it, but one rule you can abide by is to always dust the door down of debris before you apply any cleaning product.

Front & Back Doors

  • Use soap and water to scrub the door, using a non-abrasive sponge, and dry with a paper towel.
  • Always use diluted cleaning products to avoid stripping any paint.

Patio & Bi-fold Doors

  • Clean the glass as you would clean your windows (described above).
  • For sliding doors, clean the rails with soap and water to avoid them getting stuck.
  • For door frames, use soap and water to gently remove stains and wipe clean.

Garage Doors

  • For steel doors, use soap and water to scrub the door, using a non-abrasive sponge.
  • For stubborn stains, use diluted bleach and water, but don’t mix with detergent.
  • Use similar methods for wood but always prime and always apply a finish coating.

Gutting the Gutter

Because the gutter looks so out of reach, it is commonly overlooked when it comes to cleaning the outside of your home. It needs special attention every once in a while, though! First of all, you will need to start by removing the debris using a handmade scoop or jug.

Then, you need to rinse out the guttering using a hose. If you have a U-bend, long extension hose, then you will be able to do this from the ground; if not, you will have to use a ladder. When rinsing, make sure you run the water through the downspouts to check if it is clogged; use a plumber’s snake if you need to unclog it. Also, look for any leaks that need repairing.

Revamp & Repair Your Roof

While you’re up there, why not examine your roof too? It’s not often you take a trip up to the top of your house, but you may as well get it all done in one go. It is possible that debris has built up over the months, so it always good to clear it up and avoid any potential problems.

Make sure you have a look round to see if there are any issues that need attending to before the cold weather sets in. Be aware of any damaged or missing shingles, openings that may be prone to leaks, like flashing around your chimney, and any exposed nail heads that need covering.

Prune Your Patio & Driveway

The patio and driveway that lead up to your house set the first impression visitors will have. So, make sure it is immaculate by keeping it clean and tidy! First of all, sweep the pavement of any loose debris. Then, remove any grass and weeds that have been growing in any cracks, making it look untidy.

Hose down the pavement and, if necessary, use a pressure washer to remove stubborn dirt, grime and stains. Finally, if you see any damage or cracks that need repairing, patch them up using concrete re-surfacer.

Interior Cleaning Services from Pinpoint Homes

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