Dust can be a nuisance for several reasons: it covers the surface of your walls and furniture making them look dingy and dust is often the root cause of allergies.

If you want to get rid of dust in your house, you must clean often. To prevent cross-contamination of the areas you recently dusted, cleaning from top to bottom is the most effective strategy.

Get to learn some of our best ways for dusting surfaces, accessories, and rooms in your house, as well as advice on how to do it quickly and effectively.

6 Guidelines for Dusting and Cleaning

Your dusting endeavors won’t ever fail if you follow these general cleaning guidelines to clean dust from surfaces and crevices.

  1. Always start from the top and work your way downwards when dusting an item, accessories, or a room to prevent dust from settling on recently cleaned surfaces
  2. To collect anything that has fallen to the floor, dust the room first, then vacuum it
  3. To stop dust from spreading while you’re dusting, shut the windows and switch off the fans
  4. Keep your vacuum and dusting equipment clean. Dust cannot be effectively removed with a full vacuum or a dirty duster
  5. Filters for the HVAC system/unit should be changed frequently. They collect airborne dust, but when full, the particles will fall to the surfaces
  6. Declutter everything

How to Clean Dust in the House

Keep a Schedule for Dusting

At least once per week, you ought to dust every room or area in your house. This does not require you to complete the entire house in a day. Establish a timetable and clean one to two rooms daily. It won’t take long and will stop a buildup of heavy dust that is harder to collect.

one-off cleaning service is ideal for you if you don’t need regular cleaning. However, your property occasionally requires a good cleaning. Don’t forget to dust vertical surfaces like picture frames, mirrors, and bookshelves when performing your weekly dusting and cleaning.

Don’t Neglect the Walls

A vacuum cleaner with various attachments is the most effective instrument for cleaning from ceiling to floor. To collect a lot of dust without creating a mess, work your way downwards.

Clean Dust from Electronics

The most renowned dust magnets are stereos, DVD players, TVs, printers, and computers. Never clean equipment that has been plugged in. A gentle, long-handled brush with a delicate bristle will pick up dust from crevices, but a light swipe using a microfibre cloth typically does the trick. Dust, along with pet hair, can clog devices or outlets, so make sure to vacuum around vents and cords.

Dust Upholstered Furniture

Using a vacuum with an upholstery attachment is the best way to get rid of the dust on upholstered furniture. However, make use of rubber dishwashing gloves if you don’t own a vacuum that has a hose. Rub down the furniture in one direction, beginning at the top. Dust and pet hair will be drawn to the gloves. Continue cleaning the entire item after rinsing and drying the gloves.

Work on the Hard-to-Reach Places

Dusting low or high locations is uncomplicated, provided you have the correct equipment. If you do have ceiling fans, invest in microfibre or a disposable duster that uses a bendable or extendable handle. The tops of cupboards, light fixtures, and window and door moldings are all excellent uses for this tool.

Use a very clean microfibre mop to dust baseboards or fasten a microfibre cloth at the end of the broom handle with a rubber band to prevent bending. Apply the same method to dust and clean sliding door tracks as well as shower stall enclosures.

Ready to Clean Dust in Your Home?

Getting rid of dust from your home is more than just wiping down bookshelves, countertops, and devices. You should avoid clutter, wash your bedding and drapes frequently, and regularly vacuum your furniture, carpets, and floors, not forgetting your mattress.

If you want a professional dust cleaning, hiring our cleaning service guarantees a top-quality finish, and every bit of dust is removed. Get in touch with us today to discuss how we can help with cleaning your property.

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