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Why use Pinpoint Homes?

What makes Pinpoint Homes Cleaning Services different? For a number of years Pinpoint Homes cleaning company have been providing cleaning services to corporate clients only. Clients include housing associations, councils and estate/letting agents. We felt it was high time we shared our experience with tenants and help smoothen the cleaning and moving out process for both landlords and tenants. Often, the landlord & tenant relationship is severed right at the end of the contract as tenants are not fully aware of what their responsibility is.

Working with professional landlords letting 100+ units a month, Pinpoint Homes have developed unrivaled understanding of what landlord likes and dislikes are and how best to advise tenants when considering deep cleaning services. Having gained this experience, Pinpoint Homes are completely dedicated to ensuring tenants and landlords conclude their contracts on a positive note. In fact, Pinpoint Homes are so dedicated and confident in their End of Tenancy Cleaning Service, they will happily guarantee tenants deposit return when considering the cleanliness of the unit.

What is included in my clean?

Pinpoint Homes have an extensive check list completed for each clean we attend. To view our check list complete the form below with your request and we’ll get this right over to you.
TIP: Be sure to double check any cleaning services check list to ensure all the items you expect to be cleaned are in fact included in the price advertised. Common items NOT included are Ovens, Exterior Windows and Outside Spaces. Pinpoint Homes include sweeping of light debris to outside spaces and fully deep clean your oven for an additional £60. Give us a call or complete the form below to obtain your free quote.

Can you guarantee my deposit is returned?

Pinpoint Homes offer tenants a deposit return guarantee. This means if your landlord is not happy with the standard of clean (within 24 hours of our first visit) we will return to your property to rectify the exact cause for concern and ensure the cleanliness of the property is not the reason for any deposit dispute. Our 72 hour revisit insurance has proved popular with our tenants and provides peace of mind if there is a little uncertainty over the exact move out time/date and further safe guards the return of your deposit once our deep cleaning service is complete.

FACT: Of the cases submitted to TDS (Tenancy Deposit Scheme) Insured in 2018-19, cleaning appeared as a reason in 53% of cases, with damage arising in 49%.

Do I have to clean the property before moving out?

This is a tough question. Landlords expect their properties to be in the condition it was on move in day bar “Wear & Tear”( We’ll go over this little phrase a little further down). If the landlord has ensured the property is in a professionally clean state when you moved in, we recommend you also ensure the property is in a professionally clean state when moving out. If not, you do run the risk of heading toward a deposit dispute.

TIP: Be sure to use a cleaning company with deposit return guarantee. This will ensure your deposit is safe as far as the cleanliness of the property is concerned. As mentioned there are some cleaning companies who offer 72 hour “return visit insurance” after their first visit. This is especially good if you’re not entirely certain of date/time of your check out and will give you additional piece of mind regarding the return of your deposit as far as cleaning is concerned. Of course, not a mandatory option.

Do I have to professionally clean my garden before I check out?

Whilst it is the tenants responsibility to maintain your private outside space, unless you’ve really made a boo boo of your outside space there is not much requirement to hire a professional gardener. Key advice: Maintain your garden throughout your tenancy to avoid a hefty bill at the of your tenancy.

At which point should I book/complete a professional clean?

If possible, one day before would work well just in case something pops up which must be dealt with e.g. no electric on the meter, missing key etc.

Can Pinpoint Homes help with my dust allergy?

As far as an allergy goes, it takes dust approx. two hours for dust to settle. So, where possible clean when the allergic individual is away. Pinpoint Homes offer a carpet steam cleaning services which uses powerful suction equipment to help towards mitigating the volume of dust in the air and slows the build up dust particles in the days after the clean.

What is the best way to wash painted walls?

The Best Way to Wash Painted Walls

  1. Pre-Wash

    Before washing run the dust brush attachment of your vacuum over the ceilings and walls and wipe down with a tack or cheesecloth. Wait at least 2 weeks after painting walls before attempting to wash walls.

  2. Cloth

    Ordinarily all you need is a soft cloth or sponge in mild soapy water. Too much water can ruin paint finish so remember to firmly wring out your cloth.

  3. Wipe

    Wipe applying gentle pressure in a large circular motion

  4. Rinse

    Rinse with clean damp cloth afterward to remove any left-over cleaner

WARNING: Pinpoint Homes do not recommend washing walls and do not wash walls. This is because walls can be severely discoloured or damaged. Especially if the paint is water based paint.

What is the Tenancy Deposit Scheme?

Tenancy Deposit Scheme. The TDS is an insurance backed tenancy deposit protection scheme authorised by the government. It a) protect deposits and b) helps resolves disputes about deposits. Click here to find out more

What does “Wear & Tear” mean?

The House of Lords defines wear and tear as “Reasonable use of the premises by the tenant and the ordinary operation of natural forces”. Wear and tear is caused by day-to-day living. For example:

  • a brand new carpet would show signs of use
  • a threadbare carpet at the start of your tenancy might now have worn through
  • window frames might have peeling paint due to wind and rain

Below we considers the value and lifespan of a carpet and split the purchase cost between landlord and tenant over the lifespan. For more info on this follow this link to the propertymark website.

A The replacement cost of similar carpet = £500
B Age of carpet = 2 years
C The expected lifespan of the carpet = 10 years
D The remaining lifespan of carpet (C – B) = 8 years
E Annual depreciation (A ÷ C) = £50 per year
F The apportioned cost to the tenant (D x E) = £400

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