Living in a rented property with children can be difficult, especially when it comes to childproof modifications. Obviously, the landlord has to take care of any major safety hazards, but it is important to create a hazard-free environment for your kids.

Here are some DIY childproofing tips to ensure your rented property is as safe as it can be.

DIY Childproof Measure for Your Rented Property

Cover Electrical Sockets

Nowadays, your landlord should have installed sockets that are up to modern standards so the risk of getting electrocuted is almost nothing. However, you never know what your child could stick into the electrical sockets, so it is always best to cover them with child safety plugs.

Protect & Fix Your Furniture

If you have freestanding bookshelves or any other freestanding furniture that is at risk of toppling over, speak to your landlord to ask if you can affix it to the wall. When this furniture is part of the rental, you could still ask this or even ask for alternative storage solutions instead. Other furniture like coffee tables and tv stands will have sharp edges that need to be protected with foam corners, so your child doesn’t hit their head.

Childproof Doors, Drawers & Cupboards

A curious child wandering around and opening every door and drawer around is a very dangerous scenario. As well as foam corners being placed on cupboard corners, you should place easily removable catches inside the doors, drawers, and cupboards to avoid children opening them and hitting themselves. They also don’t leave any marks, so your landlord won’t mind!

Install Security Devices

Smart cameras are a great piece of technology that you can install within your flat so you can keep an eye on your family, as well as identify any break-ins or burglaries. This advancement means you can place these around your rented property without having to affix anything to the walls or cause any damage in the process.

Prevent Mould & Damp

Two of the main issues for tenants is mould and damp which can seriously impact your family’s health. As soon as you notice it, and especially when it starts to get worse, always make sure to notify your landlord. In the meantime, some of the ways you can prevent mould and damp from building are:

  • Regular ventilation – Keep windows open when you can
  • Dry clothes – Make you dry them outside or with a ventilated tumble dryer
  • Cover pans when cooking – And open the windows during cooking
  • Extractor fans – Make sure these are turned on every time you shower or cook
  • Close doors – Make sure all doors are closed to trap moisture when showering or cooking

Keep Clean & Tidy

Finally, make sure your rented property is kept clean and germ-free by coming to Pinpoint Homes. You can protect your children from all kinds of illnesses when you keep your home clean, but we understand if you don’t have the time to stay on top of it.

We offer Deep Cleaning, One-Off Cleaning and Carpet Cleaning services for any property, so get in touch with us today to see how we can help you.

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