Ways a Landlord Can Prepare for a New Tenant

No matter how long you have been a landlord, no matter how many tenants or properties you have, there are number of things to do to prepare for a new tenant. Have no fear though! We have created the perfect guide so you can make sure you get everything done that’s needed.  Tips for New […]

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How to Remove Pet Stains from Your Carpet

No matter how adorable your pet is, it is pretty much inevitable that they will make a mess on your floor one way or another. Rugs and carpets take the hardest hit though because they are much more difficult to clean compared to tiles and hardwood. Here are some tips on how to remove some […]

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Step by Step Guide to Property Inventory

Property inventories are required by law and are a vital part for the UK rental process. They are carried out in the best interests for both the landlord and the tenant, so shouldn’t be ignored or avoided. Inventory Summary Legally, any deposit given by a tenant to a landlord has to be protected in a […]

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