As the festive season approaches, what better way to mark this period than decorating your house. A key component to seasonal decorating is undeniably the centrepiece – the tree. Whether you’re continuing old Christmas traditions, or starting new ones, this is the ultimate how-to for Christmas tree decorating.

1. Choose the Perfect Tree

Start by selecting the perfect tree for your space. Whether it’s artificial or freshly cut, ensure it fits well in your chosen area. Consider factors like height, fullness, and shape that suits your room.

2. Collect Your Decorations

Gather any supplies you may need to adorn your tree. This might include lights, ornaments, tinsel, and a tree topper. You might consider choosing a colour scheme or general theme for your tree decorations that match your household.

3. Start With Lights

It is always advisable to start with the lights. String them evenly, going from the bottom inner part of the tree, and working your way upward. Choose white lights for an elegant, classic look, or colourful lights for a more playful vibe.

4. Begin to Add Layers

Next add any tinsel, garlands or ribbon for added depth and texture. You can drape these vertically or horizontally, allowing them to cascade. Play around with different textures like beads, fabric or tinsel to suit your desired look.

5. Hang Your Decorations

The exciting part is the ornaments. Hang these strategically by placing larger ones closer to the centre and smaller, lighter ones on the tips. Mix shapes, textures and colours for visual interest. Sentimental ornaments or DIY creations can make your tree even more special.

6. Tie Everything Together

Finish the decorating with your tree topper. Perhaps go with the traditional star or angel. Alternatively, be more creative and choose something more unique like a bow or something that better reflects your style.

7. Look After Your Tree

Lastly, if your tree is real, keep it looking full and fresh by watering it regularly. Don’t forget to regularly hoover in case of dropped needles, to make your carpet look as clean as possible. Also, make sure that any lights are turned off when the tree is left unattended, to avoid any fire hazards.

Remember there are no set rules when it comes to Christmas decorating, this is just our recommended Christmas tree decorating how-to guide. Let yourself be creative, and most importantly, enjoy the process with your loved ones.

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