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Carpet stains are the hardest to remove and no matter how adorable your pet is, it is pretty much inevitable that they will make a mess on your floor. Rugs and textured floors take the hardest hit though because they are much more difficult to clean compared to tiles and hardwood.

Here are some tips on how to remove some of the most common pet stains from your carpet.

Common Carpet Contamination and Solutions

Shedding Pet Hair

Whether you’ve got a cat or a dog, a long-haired or short-haired pet, you will undoubted find hair all over your house. Although this doesn’t seem as bad as the stains your pet can cause, fur can embed itself into your carpet and released into the space whenever there is movement.

One of the best ways to remove built-up pet hair from your carpet is by using a rubber broom or, alternatively, a stiff bristled brush. Rubbing these along your carpet will loosen the hair, the rubber will use static electricity to attract stubborn hairs, and you will be able to hoover them up afterwards.

Mud & Other Dirt

Your pets love to roam outside, whatever the weather, which means it is unavoidable that they will bring outside mess inside – In particular, mud. Both wet and dry dirt can completely ruin the aesthetic of your home, especially where rugs and carpets are concerned.

A preventative method is to wipe your pets’ paws before they come back in the house. However, if you do find muddy paw prints everywhere, you should let it dry first before you do anything. This way, you can brush it gently to remove as much of the dirt as possible and hoover it up. Next, spray a carpet cleaner onto your carpet, like Vanish Carpet Cleaner, rub it gently, leave for 5 minutes and wash. 

Urine & Faeces

This type of contamination is most common amongst puppies and kittens who haven’t been toilet trained yet. Both urine and faeces can develop a horrific odour if left to set over time as it can soak into the carpet. So, you need to act quickly and carefully. 

For urine, blot the area as soon as possible with a wet paper towel. Afterwards use a carpet cleaner such as Carpet Cleaner + Upholstery, Pet Expert Spray to effectively treat and remove the stain. By doing so, it not only cleans your carpet but prevents repeated fouling in the same place.

For faeces, you need to pick up as much as possible and as fast as you can. Use a moist paper towel to pick up as much material from the carpet fibres before applying a cleaner; always test an area of carpet with cleaner to ensure no permanent damage. Mix together bicarbonate of soda, cold water and disinfectant, pour onto the stain and blot dry until the stain is removed. 

Carpet Cleaning from Pinpoint Homes

Looking after your carpet is essential to maintaining a clean environment and to extending the life of your floor. If you have badly soiled carpets, it most likely requires high-quality, professional cleaning equipment to bring it back to life.

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