Our Director at Pinpoint Homes decided to tackle the gruelling task of deep cleaning an oven in order to get a feel of what our cleaners experience. Here’s what happened:

Putting Myself in My Cleaners’ Shoes

Here are some before pictures so you can see the difference after cleaning:

Soaking the Oven Parts for a Deep Clean

To start off with, fixtures and fittings were removed including the doors, steel shelving and side runners from the double oven. All components were then sprayed and soaked for 20 minutes, the recommended amount of time as per the packaging of the product we used.

Soaking the Oven Parts for a Deep Clean

This was in order to breakdown the grime before washing and scrubbing. Fumes from oven cleaning products are fairly strong, so we ensured there was adequate ventilation in the kitchen.

Reaching Into the Nooks & Crannies

Due to the oven being integrated into the base units, this made it very difficult to get into the bottom oven. I ended up laying on the ground to each which was unplanned yet an effective approach!

Reaching Into the Nooks & Crannies

Top Tips: If in a similar situation, use something soft to kneel or lay on as it took me about half an hour to stand back up. Also, wear an apron otherwise your clothes will look like they’ve been through a woodchipper.

Deep Cleaning = Tough Scrubbing Every Part

Luckily, the sink was large enough to fit the items that needed to soak which, ultimately, made them easier to clean. A smaller sink would have meant bringing along an additional soaking tray large enough for the shelves etc to fit into. 

Deep Cleaning = Tough Scrubbing Every Part

Obviously heating elements shouldn’t be touched during this process as it could cause damage to the appliance. However, we did clean the bulb covers in both the oven and the grill, plus I also replaced one of the blown bulbs – just for good measure!

The Final Result: A Sparkling Clean Oven

All in all, the oven clean took approximately 3-4 hours. I ended up with aches in areas I didn’t even realise was possible. Even with washing up gloves on, I managed to injure my thumb due to all the scrubbing.

The Final Result: A Sparkling Clean Oven

My cleaners are probably giggling in the winds reading this, but I can tell you this has given me invaluable insight and perspective on what they do.

My siblings and I were brought up by my mother who always taught us to get “stuck in”. I was never afraid of greasy elbows, but this really did push the boundary!

Having said that, we conquered the oven cleaning and, even with my battle wound, the experience gets a thumbs up.

Cleaners everywhere, I salute you.

Cleaners everywhere, we salute you!

Wide Range of Cleaning Services from Pinpoint Homes

The moral of the story is that you should probably leave deep cleaning your oven to the professionals. Take a look at our wide range of Cleaning Services, including a Deep Cleaning service, or get in touch with Pinpoint Homes today to see what we can do for you.

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