Property inventories are crucial for the tenancy deposit scheme and to ensure that all charges given to the tenant at the end of tenancy are justified. The disagreement between landlord and tenant regarding these charges are one of the most common reasons for dispute.

By carrying out a comprehensive property inventory at the beginning of the tenancy, landlords can lay the foundation for their relationship with the tenant. Providing images and photographs with the inventory are an important part of this too.

Why Are Images Important for a Property Inventory?

Although images are not the most important part of a property inventory, they are incredibly useful. Following on from the thoroughly detailed property assessment, photographs provide supportive resources that can actually add even more detail.

They can clearly demonstrate any damage, missing items and the overall quality of the property. Used as evidence at the end of tenancy, they remove any doubt from property inventory claims and therefore charges given to the tenant.

Tips for Using Photos in Property Inventories

Here are some tips so you can make sure you use images in your property inventory to your complete advantage.

Remember to Include the Date

It is important to include the date in all your inventory photos in order for them to be more credible sources. Dates can be automatically generated by the camera but with the possibility of these being manipulated, it is a good idea to find other ways to prove when they were taken. Some examples could include placing a newspaper in the shots or asking your tenant to physically sign and date them when they are taken.

Remember the Photo:Description Ratio

When it comes to including images in your property inventory, you need to strike the right balance. Photos should be considered as secondary, supplementary evidence when compared to written descriptions. Detailed assessments are much more highly regarded than an inventory full of unordered images. If the photograph doesn’t provide relevant support to a finding, don’t include it.

High Quality Images for Property Inventory Only

If you only use pictures that are thumbnailed size, blurry or just generally bad quality, then it is better not to use them at all. Make sure when you’re taking the picture that you have the setting on the highest quality first; always make sure you’re in focus and you can clearly see the damage. As well as this, print your photographs in a decent size using a decent printer too. Luckily, today’s modern smartphones have the capability to produce detailed, high quality images!

Property Inventory Services from Pinpoint Homes

All in all, images are important in a property inventory but only if you use them right and they provide quality, supportive information.

At Pinpoint Homes, we provide comprehensive property inventory management and services, with detailed notes and photographic reports that are date and time stamped. If you are in need of professional property inventory services for your portfolio in Enfield and the surrounding area, then contact us directly today.

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